EPA Tracks Polluting Scrubber Voyages

July 10, 2023
Public Relations

EPA Tracks Polluting Scrubber Voyages

Is judgement day approaching? For scrubber users, it just may be. To date, scrubber users haven’t faced any real consequences for the damage they needlessly inflict on the environment. This is despite study after study demonstrating the impact scrubbers have on marine ecosystems and coastal communities.

Remember, any contaminates scrubbers remove from a ship’s exhaust merely accumulate in the ship’s washwater. This washwater contains harmful substances like cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heavy metals and nitrates. In many cases, it is dumped directly into the ocean in unimaginable quantities. In fact, research has shown that scrubber fitted ships emit at,least ten gigatons of scrubber washwater each year. That is enough washwater to fill four million Olympic-size swimming pools! And yet, this has done little to discourage scrubber usage.

Scrubbers can reduce fuel costs, and unfortunately many companies are willing to pollute the environment just to save a little money. It is time they are held accountable!

That is why EPA is now tracking polluting scrubber voyages. Click on the link below for a detailed list on current scrubber usage. You will notice that we have provided emails for many of these companies. We highly encourage you to reach out to these organizations and let them know how the public feels about continued scrubber usage.

Polluting Scrubber Voyages list for Q2-2023

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