Open Letters

Open Letter to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

October 22, 2021
Public Relations

For the manatees, 2021 will tragically go down in history. The grim reality is that we have witnessed more manatee deaths this year than ever before on record. This crisis is indicative of an entire ecosystem breakdown and unless drastic changes are made, we fear that the situation will only get worse.

Open Letter to Maersk’s Bankers

March 12, 2020
Public Relations

We are encouraged by what we see. In the world of sustainability, accountability is often in short supply. It is evident you want to change this notion and set the standard higher. Requiring that Maersk reduce their carbon emissions to realize the full potential of your credit facility is a great idea. You are doing your part to help the environment by pushing others to do the same.

Open Letter to Jutta Paulus

February 20, 2020
Public Relations

Your efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the shipping sector are certainly encouraging. Proposing that it should be mandatory for ships to reduce their emissions by 40%, from those calculated in 2018, within the next ten years is an ambitious but very noble cause.

Open Letter To Eagle Bulk CEO Gary Vogel

February 6, 2020
Public Relations

At first glance, Eagle Bulk’s vision and values seem to be such admirable sentiments. On your website, you share that you have a vision for sustainable growth. You state that integrity defines your culture and that you value forward thinking as it makes for a more successful tomorrow. If truly heartfelt, these aforementioned ideals would certainly be commendable causes, however actions speak louder than words… Historically, Eagle Bulk has acted unlawfully by violating sanctions on Myanmar from 2011 to 2014. We wonder if the only reason this was admitted, was because Eagle Bulk’s Chapter 11 proceedings in 2014 gave you no choice but to confess.

Open Letter To Ultrabulk CEO

January 22, 2020
Public Relations

Based on the information we gathered from your website, it seems we share many of the same sentiments regarding the environment. However, there is one notable exception; your/Ultrabulk’s actions do not correlate to the eco-friendly statements shared on your website!

VALE Open Letter

December 5, 2019
Public Relations

The EPA is disappointed, but not surprised, that Vale is now seeking to shift blame to its ship operators for the toxic sulphur pollution created by the ships that your iron ore is carried on. It is now clear that Vale has no interest in cleaning up its act as one of the world’s leading polluters and will continue to cause the deaths of thousands of people each year due to your greedy and selfish actions.